Haley blanket

knitting pattern

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  • Width – 70 cm [27½”]
  • Height – 108 cm [42½”]
You will need

Yarn: Sport (12 wpi). Approx. 1130 m [1235 yds].

  • Colour A – white. Approx. 320 m [349 yds]
  • Colour B lilac. Approx. 270 m [295 yds]
  • Colour C – light blue. Approx.270 m [295 yds]
  • Colour D – dark purple. Approx. 270 m [295 yds]

Knitting needles 3.5 mm [US 4].

Suggested yarn:

  • ALIZE Baby Wool
  • DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk
  • DROPS Baby Merino
Gauge (Tension)

In Stockinette stitch:

10 cm [4”] = 26 stitches, 33 rows.


Edge stitches: slip the first stitch of the row, purl the last stitch of the row.

Work in pattern (as established) means that you will work as previously stated, without changing the position of the pattern.

K – knit.

K3tog – knit 3 stitches together.

M1L – increase 1 knit stitch left leaning (video tutorial).

P – purl.

RS – right side.

WS wrong side.

Garter stitch: K all stitches of the row.

Pattern no.1:

The chart shows only RS rows, on WS rows P all stitches.


With colour A, cast on 195 stitches.

Work 3 rows in Garter stitch.


Rows 1-26 (colour A): slip the edge stitch, {work stitches 1-24 of the Pattern no.1} 7 times, work stitches 1-25 of the Pattern no.1, P the edge stitch.

Rows 27-52: change to colour B, repeat rows 1-26.

Rows 53-78: change to colour C, repeat rows 1-26.

Rows 79-104: change to colour D, repeat rows 1-26. ✓

Repeat from ✓ to ✓ 2 more times.

Then, change to colour A and repeat rows 1-26 1 more time.


Work 3 rows in Garter stitch.

Cast off.

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